Last chance to save the tooth

There are situations when endodontic (root canal) treatment alone, even with a microscope, is not enough. Even then, at the Kownacki-Dent Dental Centre, we do not give up on the tooth and extract it, but we give it another chance with endodontic microsurgery

What is endodontic microsurgery? It is quite a young field of dentistry, which complements root canal treatment. It has significantly contributed to the fact that many of our patients' teeth remained in their place. Its purpose is to help in situations where endodontic (root canal) treatment has not brought the expected result and is insufficient. It is an effective treatment and saves the tooth from being extracted.

When is endodontic microsurgery necessary? For example, when there is an inflammation of the tissues surrounding the teeth. Such a condition indicates that the tooth needs a second endodontic treatment. The treatment then consists of resection of the root end, i.e. surgical removal of inflamed tissues along with a small fragment of the root. The cleaned root canal is filled with a composite material, but not as usual from the side of the tooth crown, but from the side of the removed root end.

Why is it that important? Because endodontic microsurgery can be used to in the most difficult cases, to treat teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted. It also gives a chance to preserve patients’ own teeth, which might be essential for other prosthetic treatments.

This procedure requires incredible precision and experience, and support of the most accurate equipment, best materials and 3D imaging of anatomical structures. Kownacki-Dent Dental Centre meets all these needs, so in case of any symptoms, we encourage you to contact our specialists.

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