Dental GPS

Imagine a device that will always lead you to your destination with unprecedented precision. Without mistakes or unexpected changes of route. Such a reliable GPS in dentistry is the Navident, a dynamic navigation system.

Navident is a breakthrough solution and one of the latest inventions used in the world of dentistry. At Kownacki-Dent Dental Centre, we use it in implant and surgical procedures.

The uniqueness of this device comes from its high precision. Before the implant placement procedure, the dentist can carefully plan the procedure on a virtual patient, having a CT scan and digital dental impressions at his disposal. On this basis, a treatment plan is created within a few minutes, including the optimal implant insertion path.

Thanks to this, the surgeon's work and the arrangement of instruments are constantly monitored and confronted with the plan. This eliminates even the smallest errors and allows the implant to be placed with the accuracy of tenths of a millimetre.

The precision of the device is important also for the patients: the procedure is fully safe, shorter, and less invasive, which in turn reduces post-treatment pain and shortens the recovery time.

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