Price list

Emergency appointment200,00 zł
First time root canal treatment: 
one root - teeth 1-3 (front incisor and canine teeth) 750,00 zł
two roots - teeth 4-5 (premolar teeth)900,00 zł
three roots - teeth 6-8 (back molar teeth)od 1300,00 zł 
Repeated root canal treatment:individual pricing
The final price can increase for complicated or more complex treatments.
Prices include x-ray scans, anaesthesia and a dental dam.

White filling (dental composite): 
     - small 250,00 zł
     - medium 300,00 zł
     - large 400,00 zł 
Aesthetic front teeth filling300,00 zł - 600,00 zł
Dressing50,00 zł

White filling for a primary tooth 200,00 zł
Primary tooth extraction 100,00 zł - 250,00 zł
White filling for a permanent tooth 200,00 zł - 300,00 zł
Fluoride application (both arches) 100,00 zł
Inhalation sedation 200,00 zł (30 minut)
Prices include anaesthesia and potential dental dam.

Metal-ceramic crown1 500,00 zł
Porcelain crown with zirconia2 000,00 zł
Post and core (1 root)500,00 zł
Post and core (2 rootS)600,00 zł
Post and core (3 roots)800,00 zł
Post and core with glass fibre800,00 zł
Full Acrylic Denture (1 arch)2 000,00 zł
Partial Acrylic Denture (1 arch)1 500,00 zł
Temporary crown CAD/CAM500,00 zł
Adding a tooth to a denture200,00 zł
Fixing a broken denture150,00 zł
Dental guards450,00 zł
For complicated or more complex treatments the price is set individually.

Dental implant consultation200,00 zł
Single Implant, abutment + crown7 000,00 zł
Porcelain fused to metal crowns2 500,00 zł
Prosthesis based on multiple implantsindividual pricing
Overdenture resting on two implants (removable)12 000,00 zł
Overdenture resting on four implants (removable or fixed)individual pricing
Bone graft (autologous)individual pricing

Orthodontics consultation100,00 zł
Orthodontics consultation and taking impressions200,00 zł
Impression (single arch)50,00 zł
Impression (double arch)60,00 zł
Conventional metal braces1 900,00 zł
Ceramic aesthetic braces (single arch)od 2 500,00 zł
Crystal aesthetic braces (single arch)od 3 000,00 zł
Self-ligating braces (single arch)2 600,00 zł
Self-ligating aesthetic braces3 500,00 zł
Removable braces (single arch)600,00 zł - 1 200,00 zł
Additional service (changing elastics, archwire, etc)30,00 zł - 50,00 zł
Follow up visit for permanent braces (single arch)150,00 zł
Follow up visit for permanent braces (double arch)200,00 zł
Reattachment of loose bracket or other parts of permanent braces50,00 - 100,00 zł
Retainer600,00 zł
Rentention control visit80,00 - 100,00 zł


Surgical consultation 200,00 zł
Simple tooth extraction (100,00 zł additional cost if using platelet-rich fibrine) 400,00 zł
Primary tooth extraction from 200,00zł
Suturing 50,00 zł
Removal of residual tooth root 400,00 zł
Surgical extrection of impacted wisdom tooth 700,00 zł
Endodontic microsurgery - resection (microscope + platelet-rich fibrine + MTA) from 1500,00 zł
Maxillary sinus floor augmentation - SINUS LIFT 2500,00 zł - 3500,00zł
Tooth removal with socket preservation procedure PRF 800,00 zł
Tooth removal with socket preservation procedure PRF + biomaterial 1500,00 zł
Podcięcie wędzidełka, wycięcie kaptura dziąsłowego nad zębem 8 350,00 zł
Taking a sample for histopathological examination (price includes the examination) 200,00 zł
Closing of oro-antral communication (OAC) 300,00 zł
Dental cyst removal 1000,00zł
Guided bone regeneration PRF + biomaterial 2000,00zł
Guided bone regeneration PRF + biomaterial+ resorbable membrane 3000,00zł
Guided bone regeneration autogenous bone block graft + PRF + biomaterial+ resorbable membrane 4500,00zł
Periodontal surgery individual pricing

Full dental hygiene300,00 zł
Fluoride application100,00 zł
PREVDENT® - teeth whitening and desensitization system1 500,00 zł
Whitening traumatized tooth (1 visit)individual pricing

The presented price offer is informative and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Art. 66 par. 1 of the Civil Code.

* The prices given are indicative and depend on individual conditions, diagnosis and treatment plan approved by the patient.

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