Breakthrough in implantology

At Kownacki-Dent Dental Centre, we practice modern dentistry because we want to offer our patients the best solutions. That is why we boldly embrace all novelties. One of such novelties that is undoubtedly, the most important for our patients, is the introduction of the customized subperiosteal implants.

Dental implants are a solution for those patients who have lost their own tooth (or teeth). A small screw is placed in the lower or upper jawbone and the tooth’s crown is built on this base.

However, patients with significant bone atrophy, need to undergo a bone regeneration process before implantation, or they can choose an alternative solution - customized subperiosteal implants, which do not require prior bone regeneration. In fact, they can be used when there is a significant bone atrophy, for patients that, do not qualify for traditional implants.

What is a customized subperiosteal implant? It's a titanium grid, designed and prepared individually, which guarantees a perfect fit. It's placed on the upper or lower jawbone and secured with screws. It also creates a frame for abutments, which play the role of ordinary implants and are the basis for the reconstruction of the teeth.

Advantages of a customized subperiosteal implant:

  • they allow to restore a perfect smile even for people with severe bone atrophy,
  • they provide comfort comparable to your own teeth,
  • they eliminate the discomfort of using removable dentures,
  • prior bone regeneration is not required,
  • the placement of the implant and the temporary prosthetic restoration are done in one visit.

This advanced solution is offered by only a couple of dental clinics in Poland. The implant procedures are performed by Patryk Kownacki, MD, PhD.a specialist in dental and implant surgery.

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