Teeth whitening

Attract with a smile

A beautiful, snow-white smile is a dream for a lot of people. Unfortunately, many factors work against that. Our eating habits, drinking tea, coffee or coloured drinks, smoking, as well as age and genetic predispositions - all that can cause teeth discolouration.

Teeth discolouration, especially on the front, can - in terms of aesthetics - cause discomfort. In such cases, we can whiten the teeth with whitening agents. As a result, the teeth can be whiter even by a couple of shades. Healthy and shiny teeth will give you self-confidence and attract the stares of others.

At the Kownacki-Dent Dental Centre, we use the PREVDENT® system for teeth whitening, which simultaneously regenerates and strengthens the enamel. This is currently, the most advanced whitening method on the market – it is safe and gives incredible results. Teeth can be even 7-8 shades whiter in only 90 minutes. With a proper diet, the effect will last up to 3 years.

At our clinic, we also whiten teeth that had root canal treatment. The whitening is performed using a special whitening agent throughout a couple of days. Several applications are required to achieve the desired effect. 

Regardless of the method, however, fillings, crowns, bridges and porcelain veneers are not whitened. Therefore, the teeth whitening procedure is always preceded by a dental consultation and individual recommendations.

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