Pediatric dentistry

As the twig is bent…

… so grows the tree. It is the parents' responsibility to instil in children the habit of taking care of their teeth and seeing the dentist regularly from an early age. That is the only way to ensure their health and save them from unpleasant experiences in the future when the dental defects are larger and require greater intervention.

Pediatric dentistryalso known as paedodontics differs from that dedicated to adults. Treatments for the youngest patients are adapted to the specifics of their teeth. Pediatric dentistry relies mainly on the prevention and treatment of primary (milk) teeth and permanent teeth in the early stages of their development. For our little patients who will need more extensive treatments or a tooth extraction, we have a painless and completely safe digital anaesthesia system.

When should you start taking care of your child's teeth? It is vital to get your child accustomed to the daily habit of cleaning gums and teeth, as well as regular dentist's appointments from the very early age. You should take your child to see the dentist for the first time when they are about 12 months old, are in the process of teething and have not yet experienced any oral symptoms.

Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that primary teeth are only "for a while" and therefore you do not need to take care of them. Nothing could be more wrong. Losing them too early, e.g. due to tooth decay, may cause subsequent malocclusion. In addition, the condition of primary teeth already predicts the condition of permanent teeth.

In pediatric dentistry, adaptation visits before the treatment are crucial. Thanks to them, the child has the opportunity to get used to the atmosphere of the dentist’s office and the equipment, as well as meet the dentist and the staff. This is important because after gaining self-confidence in such a place, the child will avoid the fear of visits in the future. Adaptation visits are also a great opportunity for parents to talk to a doctor or to learn the correct principles of oral care for children, including the youngest ones.

We encourage you to visit our Kownacki-Dent Dental Centre for adaptation, control and treatment when your child is over 1 year old.

Services we offer to our young patients:

  • fluoride application - brushing the teeth’s surface with a varnish containing fluoride compounds,
  • Pit and fissure sealing - covering fissures and pits on the teeth’s surface to fill them with a material called a dental sealant,
  • Milk teeth filling,
  • Milk teeth extraction,

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