Dental surgery

Nothing is impossible

The Dental surgery is a term that often strikes fear among patients. Some people do not even realize that they underwent a surgical procedure when they had a tooth extraction. Surgery is, in fact, a big part of dentistry.

In most cases, dental surgery is one of the stages of treatment with dental implants, prosthetics or in orthodontics. It is necessary when conservative or endodontic (root canal) treatment does not give satisfactory results.

The most common dental surgery procedures include:

  • primary and permanent teeth extraction,
  • unerupted teeth and wisdom teeth extraction,
  • apicoectomy,
  • gingivoplasty,
  • frenuloplasty of tongue or lip,
  • dental implant placement.

Modern dental surgery has even more to offer. It also includes procedures aimed at improving the condition of tissues or alveolar bone reconstruction , e.g. before implant placement.

At the Kownacki-Dent Dental Centre, we can perform the most complex dental surgery procedures at the highest level of quality. These procedures are performed by Patryk Kownacki, MD, PhD., specjalista chirurgii stomatologicznej z wieloletnim doświadczeniem zdobytym w kraju i za granicą. 

In most of our surgical procedures, we use platelet-rich fibrine, a Hilotherm cooling device, and a cutting-edge piezosurgical devices. do cięcia tkanki kostnej.

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