Microscope endodontics

Saving teeth that others would give up on

Tooth extraction is an easy way out. The real challenge is to repair and preserve a tooth. This is what endodontics,commonly known as root canal treatmentdoes. It is a kind of a dental last resort to keep a tooth.

Untreated caries or tooth damage may cause inflammation of the strongly innervated pulp - the inner part of a tooth. When we feel severe pain, hypersensitivity to hot and cold drinks and meals or notice swelling, we can be sure that something bad is happening to our tooth and it should be immediately looked at by the dentist.

What is a root canal treatment? The procedure involves the removal of the infected pulp. After cleaning, disinfecting and decontaminating the pulp chambers, the canals are filled with an inert filling and stabilizing material to prevent further development of the infection.

The tooth anatomy, and especially narrow or curved canals of the roots, make it difficult to see everything with a naked eye. Therefore, endodontic treatment should be preceded by an X-ray. This allows to assess the condition of the roots, detect possible abnormalities such as bone atrophy, cysts or inaccurate root filling from previous treatment. 

The dentist's second ally in root canal treatment is the microscope, which significantly increases the chances of saving a tooth because it allows the dentist to see more and treat it with higher precision. Endometer is another invaluable tool. It is an electronic device designed for measuring the length of the root canals. Not only does it make the dentist's work easier, but most importantly, it eliminates the risk of root canals not being completely filled. A properly performed root canal treatment will save the tooth for many more years.

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