Dental prosthetics

A beautiful smile for everyone

Dental prosthetics is the area of dentistry that - literally - helps restore a beautiful smile*. Often, even in a day. Only people who experienced losing or damaging a tooth realize the value of a healthy and complete smile. Those with similar dental issues know how much it damages self-confidence and well-being. An inconspicuous gap in the teeth line can also adversely affect health (including bone loss, gum disease, change in facial features).

When are prosthetics the best solution?

  • one missing tooth
  • multiple missing teeth
  • toothlessness
  • unsatisfactory teeth aesthetics

To improve teeth aesthetics, we restore teeth using various types of constructions always made individually for each patient.

Prosthetics should not be associated only with removable dentures (which many of us remember our grandparents used). The range of possibilities is much wider:

  • Veneers resemble thin porcelain plates that stick to the tooth's surface. That way, it's possible to improve the aesthetics of the tooth relatively easily, quickly and without much impact on the dental tissue itself. We can fix the tooth’s shape and colour, mask discolouration, fix furrows and minor damage, and even slightly adjust its position,
  • Inlay or onlays are fillings used in cases of small damage to the teeth (e.g. a small fracture), larger defects (too large for a regular filling) or after root canal treatment to avoid fracture in the future,
  • Crownis like a cap, permanently attached to a badly damaged tooth, which cannot be rebuilt by regular filling or inlay/onlay. Crowns are used on both root-filled teeth and teeth that did not have a root canal treatment,
  • Dental bridgefills the gap when there are one or more teeth missing next to each other, and there are healthy teeth on both sides of the gap. The downside is that the adjacent teeth need to be grinded down so that the bridge can be attached to them,
  • Post and core are used when there is only root left from a tooth and on this basis, a tooth is rebuilt using the root insert and a prosthetic crown
  • Removable dentures are used to replace multiple missing teeth or in cases of complete tooth loss. They are attached to the patient's remaining teeth. Removable dentures can be removed and put back on by the patient,
  • Fixed denturescan give a complete feeling of having your own teeth and offer the most comfort. They are attached in such a way that it is impossible to remove them yourself. Only a dentist can do this,
  • Implant-supported denturesare used when it is no longer possible to attach a denture on the remaining teeth. In that case, we use dental implants to attach a denture (more in the dental implants tab).

The materials that we use and the way we work make the result of our prosthetic work impossible to distinguish from natural teeth. To even further improve our patient's comfort, at the Kownacki-Dent Dental Centre we use digital tooth impressions. Thanks to the use of a 3D intraoral scanner,  we no longer need to take these impressions in the traditional way using materials that are not liked by our patients.

*in cases when using dental implants is not possible or advised

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