Protect your teeth, while you still can

Do you know that as many as 95% of adult Poles have dental caries? The result is that around 57% of people over 40 wear or should wear a prosthesis. The problem begins in childhood. More than half of children have advanced tooth decay. Therefore, every other teenager goes into adulthood without a full set of their own teeth.

The development of tooth decay is stimulated by poor eating habits, especially eating sweets. However, the main reason is neglecting the condition of teeth. Only half of Poles brush their teeth every morning and every evening. It is still rare to use dental floss and mouthwash or regular oral prophylaxis.

Some of you might be surprised by the fact that healthy teeth are a healthy body. Caries, tissue inflammation and gangrene can contribute to many diseases, e.g. rheumatism, myocarditis, nephritis, phlebitis and iritis.

That is why conservative treatment is so important.To prevent health problems and avoid further pain, decay needs to be removed. Once this is done and the cavity is cleaned, the damaged part of the tooth is restored with a special aesthetic filling. Complex composite resins used as fillings are durable, look natural and allow to rebuild lost tooth tissues, restoring its natural shape and function and can perfectly match the colour of restored part to the colour of other teeth. The final stage is fluoride application, which strengthens tooth enamel and then fissure sealing, which protects teeth from caries. To make the treatment comfortable for our patients, we offer various methods of anaesthesia, tailored to individual preferences. 

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