Take a deep breath…

…and that’s it. If the mere thought of visiting the dentist's office gives you a cold sweat, you feel nervous, and the thought of postponing your treatment seems very tempting, know that you are not alone. Almost every second Pole struggles with dentophobia. Interestingly, this applies especially to today's 40-year-olds and older, who often have poor memories of dental treatment from their childhood. We get it. That is why at the Kownacki-Dent clinic we have an effective antidote. It is an inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide, meaning laughing gas.

Sedation is a safe and effective method of bringing the patient into a state of calm and relaxation. It is performed by administering a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide with the breathing apparatus and is carried out under the supervision of a physician. The result is a feeling of peace and pleasant relaxation, while maintaining awareness and communication skills. Very often patients do not remember the procedure itself (the so-called retrograde amnesia). It only takes a few minutes to recover from this state and requires pure oxygen.

Sedation helps in stress reduction, but also lowers pain sensitivity. In less invasive procedures, it can effectively replace local anesthesia. And with those that require the use of anesthesia, the patient's relaxed state means that he does not feel the prickle, so it is easier to administer the anesthesia.

The safety of this method is best evidenced by the fact that it is recommended for children from 3 years of age. But it is also used in adults with severe anxiety before dental treatment.

Advantages of inhalation sedation:

  • a calming method and eliminates the fear of surgery
  • completely safe, also for small children
  • no possibility of overdosing
  • not addictive
  • does not require insertion and use of needles
  • allows you to quickly return to a normal state
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